Christ Church, so called “Green Church”

Object No. 33 | Un-built upon place at the corner of Scheinerova and Nedbalova street, Trnovany

The empty, still unbuilt-on lot at the corner of Scheinerova and Nedbalova Streets commemorates the evangelical Christ's Church, one of the region's important Art-Nouveau memorials, and the town of Trnovany's glorious days.

Once an insignificant village, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century it lived its heyday. Thanks to incomes from the rapidly developing industry, a new Art-Nouveau town arose on a greenfield site. The church was located on Trnovany's planned but never completed square. Till their demolition at the late 1980s, impressive Art-Nouveau burgher houses carrying such names as Eisenach, Imperial Diet in Worms or The House with a Dragon used to be located where today prefabricated blocks of flats stand. Nevertheless, the square's prominent landmark was the Christ's Church.

Its project was commissioned by the German Evangelic Association to the famous Dresden architectural studio Schilling and Grbner. The foundation stone was laid on 24th October 1899 and the completed church was consecrated six years later. The shrine boasted a 70-metre tower. The Church administered the shrine till the 1960s. At the very beginning of the so-called normalization, in April 1969, the church was transferred to a Housewares Shop Liberec as a warehouse. In August 1973, the church burnt down in unclear circumstances. On demonstrably political grounds, the church was then condemned for demolition. It was accomplished by blasting of the tower on 29th September 1973.

Between 1899 and 1902, the Dresden architects Rudolf Schilling and Julius Willi Grbner designed four Art-Nouveau churches in Teplice's environs. The Trnovany church was demolished in 1973, the Chabaovice one in 1983, the Duchcov and Hrob churches, for the time being, remain in existence.

In 1942 Trnovany was connected to Teplice and later, under the communist rule, it served as a building site for prefabricated concrete housing development. Trnovany's zoning concept was together with dozens of its Art-Nouveau houses destroyed forever.

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GPS: "50° 39' 22.871"" N, 13° 50' 24.429"" E"

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