Map of objects on the educational path

How to receive it and print it at home

Hand out maps in the info centre

Printed maps containing the list of all the objects on the audio path are available for free from the Regional Library at Lípová Street 13. The library is open from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm. The maps are not currently available in the information centre.

Maps for printing on your home printer

We have prepared the maps in A4 format which can be printed on your home printer. In order to open the PDF file you need Acrobat reader program which you can download free of charge. Please, do not print the colour map on a black and white printer otherwise the graphics will be all grey.

Black and white map for downloading, PDF, 1,8 MB.

Colour map for downloading, PDF, 5,5 MB.

You can distribute the maps on condition you spread them free of charge.

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